Customer Stories this year

The best way to learn, is to see what others have been doing. How are other companies making the most from their investments in Office 365? What is working (and not!) Here are FOUR focused Customer Stories worth looking into! Auckland Transport:  How we delivered surprising Business Value from a Compliance project using Agile and Text […]

Office 365 Sessions to Choose From

A lot has changed this year in Office 365; the addition of Apps that integrate with each other now gives the user more power of choice. Need to understand what is possible? The first step is understanding capability: as a manager to build that strategy; as an IT person to see where it fits with […]

Agile Development is a complete failure with O365

By Leon Bro I’ve been an independent contractor for much of the last 15 years and I’m so old that I was already a manager when the Agile Manifesto for Software Development was published. As one of the early adopters of Agile I have been really excited seeing so many New Zealand teams finally embracing […]

Where do I eat my lunch?

The Challenges of being an Employee in 2019 and beyond While buzzwords we’re hearing these days, like ‘citizen developer’, might sound slightly Orwellian… they’re really nothing more than an indication that the face of employee-dom is changing. Today’s workplace is heading towards a less top-down culture, but while working atmospheres seem to be less formal […]