Customer Stories this year

The best way to learn, is to see what others have been doing.

  • How are other companies making the most from their investments in Office 365?
  • What is working (and not!)

Here are FOUR focused Customer Stories worth looking into!

Auckland Transport:  How we delivered surprising Business Value from a Compliance project using Agile and Text Analytics

Auckland Transport has undertaken a unique approach to resolving a compliance requirement – retaining and disposing of documents for the Public Records Act.  Text Analytics have been used for reporting such as detecting confidential information in OneDrive,  triggering workflows, detection of files for Azure Information Protection, geo-tagging files, and improving findability with faceted search.AucklandTrasport

These themes provide a good practical overview for attendees on what can be automated, the value it provides and how to run this type of project.

Speakers: Chris Johnston and Gerard Rooijkkers


Foodstuffs: Living in the Clouds – Moving a Business to Office 365

Foodstuffs North Island had problems typical of many large businesses; old fashioned and inefficient ways to collaborated and communicate, and so much clutter it was close to impossible for anyone to find anything.

Using Office 365, they now have 1.7 million documents in the hub sites, with an increase in activity of 550% in the last 6 months. And they left 7.9 Terabytes of content behind in old file shares.

But the real result?  People love the change – the flexibility to work on the same document at the same time, the ability to work from anywhere, any device, and the end to the versioning nightmares.

Speakers: Ben Mountain and Delia Cato


Next DC: Success Factors in a Thriving Yammer Network

Build it and they will come” is a common misconception about Enterprise Social Networks, and Yammer is no different. Simply turning it on, flicking the switch or implementing is unlikely to provide the tangible business benefits you and your executive team expect.
At NEXTDC Yammer is an important and central business tool, this didn’t happen by accident. From day one curation of the network and deliberate activities have supported the growth of this thriving network.

Speaker: Rebecca Jackson


Education New Zealand: Transition to 365 + Modern Intranet

Education New Zealand (ENZ) were looking to adopt the public cloud and optimise their existing investment in Office 365 – leveraging their existing SharePoint on prem and transitioning to Office 365.
With staff located all across the globe, ENZ were also looking for a more modern way for staff to stay in touch with what’s happening. Follow their journey, migration approach and lessons learnt.

Speaker: Dharmistha Patel

Note: Most of our presenters have a wealth of experience, and can take you through their own journey’s in one or multiple companies – so you will see demos, explanations, methodologies used in projects across a number of industries. The full agenda is here.