The Convid-19 (novel coronavirus)

We are postponing the Digital Workplace Conference in Auckland to November 4-5 at this stage.

We do not as yet have a new date for the Australian event, currently scheduled for 18-19 August.

These events are a vital part of our community. Learning and connecting in person, networking with colleagues (new and old) have long lasting value. We therefore still plan to hold the events when things return to normal!

We will, however, continue to stay updated on any further advice from our Ministry of Health departments in both Australia and New Zealand and keep you informed of any changes.

We would advise anyone travelling that you also stay updated on anything in your own country, and with the airlines.  We understand all airlines are taking extra precautions and any public areas being monitored to minimise risk.

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Stay well, be safe.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about registration, cost, group discounts, invoicing, payment, cancellation, refund, inclusions and attending the Digital Workplace Conference.

How much does it cost to attend the conference?

2-day delegate ticket:

The standard price is $850.00 (+ GST) per person.

What is included in the price?

Connect with and listen to internationally renowned expert speakers on a range of interesting topics, with over 30 sessions designed for a range of audiences from end/business users right through to IT pros and technical user levels, over two value-packed days. Check out this year’s Sessions page for details. Included are morning and afternoon tea, full buffet lunches, and the Day 1 networking event.

What are the start and finish times each day?

These are the important times you need to know about (Note: these times are subject to change once the full agenda is published):

Registration 7.30 am  –  9.00 am on Day 1
Keynote 9.00 am – 10.30 am on Day 1
Day 1 Sessions
11.00 am  – 5.15 pm on Day 1
Day 1 Networking event
5.15 pm  –  8.00 pm on Day 1
Day 2 Sessions 9.00 am  –  4.00 pm on Day 2

When will speakers and agendas be available?

The Agenda page is  here. The Speakers page is here(Note: agendas are liable to change up until the conference dates).

Is any discounted accommodation available?

The conference venue page will be updated with accommodation deals when available.

What happens when I register online?

Enter any discount code you have been issued FIRST. Then enter your email address (i.e. the email address of the delegate/attendee), the type of registration you require,  your personal details (name, company, phone and gender are mandatory). You can add more people to your booking, but please enter a unique email address for each delegate (attendee). We use this for sending a confirmation of the registration and a reminder about the event. You will receive a copy of your order, tickets and invoice by return email.

What are the extra options on the registration screen after I enter my personal information?

These are workshops IN ADDITION to your full 2-day conference pass. If you do not wish to attend any conference-associated events or classes, just Continue through your registration for the 2-day conference pass only.

How do I know if you have my registration?

Once you have completed the registration process (regardless of whether you have made a payment) , you will receive a system-generated confirmation email with a link to your registration, your ticket and invoice. KEEP this email as you will need the link, should you need to make changes to your registration.  If you do not receive the confirmation email please check your junk, spam or clutter folders as it may be stuck there. In some cases a company firewall may prevent our email from reaching you. Please contact us events@sharethepoint.com so we can manually add an alternate  email address for you and re-send the registration link.

Where do I find my invoice?

An invoice is attached to your confirmation email.  You can print this or send to another section of your company.

What payment methods are accepted?

Our preferred method of payment is Internet banking. We also accept Mastercard, Visa and Amex.

All payments are due within 7 days of registration. Please include your registration ID or invoice number when making payments.

To pay by Internet Banking, select the Pay by Invoice option. Deposit the registration fee to the bank account specified on the invoice.

You can enter a Purchase Order in the registration process if you wish. You are responsible for ensuring the Invoice/PO is actioned and paid (using payment methods above) by the correct section of your company.

What is the refund policy?

We can only issue refunds to a bank account or through the credit used to register. Refunds will be processed up to 30 days before the event, less any fees incurred. Any cancellations after this date will incur an administration fee of $100.00. The event fee is non-refundable for anything less than 7 days prior to the event.

How do I register a group of delegates?

Please  email us events@sharethepoint.com and we will send you a code.

Is there a group discount available?

Yes – we offer a group discount of 20% to group bookings of 3 or more delegates for the full two-day conference. You need to email us events@sharethepoint.com and we will give you a code for the discount.

Group discounts do not apply to any one-day conference fees or any workshops that may be offered around the conference.

Is there a discount available for charitable organisations?

Yes – please email us events@sharethepoint.com for details and discount code. Please note that a charitable discount applies only to the full 2-day conference fee.

The charitable discount does NOT apply in addition to a group discount.  Charitable discounts do not apply to any one-day conference fees or any workshops that may be offered around the conference.

I have registered, but cannot attend the conference. Can I send someone in my place?

Yes – go back into your registration using the link in the system-generated confirmation email  (you may need to enter your password, if you created one), and enter the name and email address of the new person. There is no charge for this.

Can I register for someone else?

Yes you can.

Will any pre-or post-conference workshops or classes be available?

Yes – details of these will be posted on the website as they become available, as well as how to book.

How do I book for a workshop if I have already registered for the conference?

Go to the Registration Page and choose your workshop. It is a separate registration from the conference registration.

How do I book for the Workshop or class only?

If you wish to register for a Workshop only, without the full 2-day conference pass, please go to the Registration Page and choose your workshop. It is a separate registration from the conference registration. 

What if I need to cancel my registration?

Please see our refund policy above. You may substitute another person in your existing registration, at any time, with no further cost. If you require your registration cancelled, please email us events@sharethepoint.com and specify whether the cancellation is for one person, or a whole group.

My personal details are incorrect – can you change them?

You can change them yourself if you go back into your registration using the link in the system-generated confirmation email.

Will a printable agenda be available?

Yes – once the agenda and speakers are finalised we will post a downloadable pdf on the Agenda page. Be aware that the agenda may be subject to change up until the conference date.

Will you send a reminder of the conference location and times?

Yes – a reminder with information about location and check-in times will be send a few days before the conference to the email address used in your registration. Registered delegates will also be sent a link to an online Conference Guide.

If you are attending a workshop you will also receive emails to the address specified in your registration, of the workshop location, times and any further information.

Still having trouble?

Please email us events@sharethepoint.com for assistance.


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