Overwhelmed by the growing number of tools within Office 365?

The App Launcher just keeps growing! You won’t be the only one struggling with a) what to use and when, but also b) when and who to release it to in your company, not to mention how!

Office 365 has a myriad of products and most companies are using only a fraction of the tools on offer. Microsoft is adding functionality and improving some of the existing apps at a rapid rate – this calls for planning and strategy by us.

What has changed and what is new?! The best place to learn is at the conference!

Need to understand what is possible?

The first step is understanding capability; as a manager to build that strategy; as an IT person to see where it fits with other technologies and implementations; and as a business person to monitor the impacts on people and how it will be used.

Where do I start?

This year’s Digital Workplace Conference in Auckland May 1-2 provides you with THE BEST opportunity to look at the capability of some of these tools in more detail. See them demonstrated, get up and personal with the experts who are working with clients every day, talk to other companies on the same journey, and learn what is best for YOUR organisation.

To make it simple, we have split a few of the sessions below, into the various apps under the Office 365 suite. You can also come and talk to anyone at the ShareThePoint booth, to help get an idea of which session(s) to attend and who to speak to.