The PowerPlatform with O365 is about to Revolutionise IT. Here’s How.

You may have heard the hype around the Power Platform already. There’s a widget for making apps, one for reporting and one to do workflows. There’s been tools to do these things for a while, so it would be easy to dismiss these as just another iteration of the same thing.

The thing is, it’s not. The Power Platform is something new, and it offers us the ability to deliver faster, smarter and more flexibly.

You’ve heard this before, so we are going to prove it by building a scalable real world application while we talk through business implications of what we are doing.

This session has two key objectives

  1. To provide a helicopter of how the three main applications work together along with the Common Data Service.
  2. Review the implications to this new technology in the workplace including:
    • How our jobs are going to rapidly change
    • Review how our approach to software delivery and project management
    • Consider the winners and losers in the new paradigm

With both a technical and business focus there’s something for everyone. Come and find out how your world is about to change.

This session is being delivered by Wicus Van den Berg and Leon Bro. Both well known veterans of the New Zealand contracting market and legendarily bad public speakers. If nothing else, this session will give you something to laugh at.

Location: Implementation Date: April 30, 2019 Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm LeonBro Leon Bro Wicus van den Berg