The Watermelon, the Kiwifruit and the SLA

Want a kick ass employee experience?

What is a company without its people? If you are part of a great company, look around and I’m sure you are surrounded by great people. Since people are so important, as leaders, what we are doing to create an environment where employees actually want to show up for work? A place where people are proud to tell friends where they work, even want to show friends around and tell them about the organisation. In other words, what are we doing to create an awesome employee experience?

Key challenges for IT leaders in creating an awesome employee experience are enabling a modern, consumer style experience when numerous legacy systems exist; enabling people to work anywhere while keeping data secure, and managing the digital experience. We know from our own experience that giving people the freedom to work from anywhere, giving them their choice of devices, and using modern systems, helps us attract and retain the best staff.

In this session, the audience will learn about the three key pillars of employee experience (culture, physical spaces, and technology), the impact of improved employee experience (based on international studies), and steps to take to transform the experience of the technology pillar. If you are passionate about providing your people with technology experiences that wow, then this session is for you.

You will learn;

  • why creating an awesome employee experience is more than a “feel good” endeavour (hint: it impacts the bottom line),
  • why your SLAs don’t work in today’s modern workplace and
  • what steps you can take to transform the technology experience for your people.

Location: Thought Leadership Date: April 30, 2019 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm JasonPoyner Jason Poyner