O365, Intune and Autopilot- How Beca and Watercare leveraged OOTB tools to create a modern workplace

Watercare Story
Ten years ago, workplaces were where people had access to new technology which far out stripped what they had at home. Fast forward to today and the opposite is true. Our workforce now comes to work fully experienced in setting up and managing devices, and they chat / skype and share content to friends and family daily. The Watercare Digital Workplace programme is changing how the Digital team provisions and manages devices, how we support our users, and how the people of Watercare communicate, collaborate and manage their information.
While Intune, Autopilot and Microsoft Teams are central to this, the key enabler is change management and how we support the business through this fundamental shift to a ‘self service’ model. This session focuses on phase one, the highs and lows of implementing Intune and autopilot, and how we supported our users through this change.
Beca Story
Over 12 years ago Beca introduced its first document management system.  Beca has recently made the leap from this highly customized system to one based on O365.  This Information Management programme as built a new digital workspace which leverages the evergreen nature of this productivity toolset as well as the extensive collaborative features.
There are some compromises that come with making a transition like this but there are new features and functions which have been real game changers for our business.  This session will cover the journey Beca has taken in understanding the OOTB functionality of these tools, how these can empower our users to meet their own needs and the development of a richer digital employee experience.

Case Study Innovation & Productivity
Location: Princes B Date: November 4, 2020 Time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm Adam Gower Adam Gower BenMountain Ben Mountain Justine Cormack Justine Cormack