Dhiren Gadhia Dhiren Gadhia

Dhiren Gadhia is the Manager of the Member Advocacy Team at Southern Cross Health Insurance, a team with a medical and legal focus that advocates for policy-holders in disputes around access to healthcare entitlements.

Dhiren hails from London where he completed a law degree before interning in a few different legal disciplines. He then carried out a post-grad in dramatic arts and worked as a performer all over the UK for 3 years. He arrived in New Zealand in early 2017 with the sole aim to explore but has ended up settling here after joining Southern Cross initially as a temp (talk about your ultimate ‘Scope creep’)! 

Dhiren’s combined experience of the legal, arts and healthcare industries has allowed him to wear many hats (sometimes literally) and build a diverse set of people-skills.
Dhiren is all about de-mystifying complex issues to deliver value and having some fun while doing it. He’s all about a challenge, especially where others have dared not to go.
Dhiren’s motto – ‘Take the work, not yourself seriously’
Dhiren lives in rural Remuera….

LinkedIn: Dhiren Gadhia

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