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Rachel Wotten is an Executive Mentor, Coach, Team Trainer and Speaker and as a client of hers once said to her “Rachel you operate in the bucket of Human Potential” and with that she started specialising in Talent Performance Development.

She passionate about inspiring people to greatness which is that part of you that is “The Highest You”. She is committed to creating incredible Leaders, Teams and Individuals.

As a Global Business Advisor to many organisations and individuals, she uses a mix of design thinking, corporate and military high-performance strategies as well as energetic practices to bring out the best in people. This mix incorporates ancient eastern methodologies and practices into a modern business world to unlock untapped power and genius to position Leaders and Teams for greater performance, profitability and success.

Rachel understands what it takes to achieve success and high performance at so many levels and to transform the way to think and work. She spent 10 years serving in the Australian Army, was one of the first women to train men, she served overseas with the UN, leaving at the rank of Sergeant, spent 15 years working in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Leadership roles at top companies like Flight Centre, Sun Microsystems, IBM, HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she won numerous awards for high achievement.

For the past two and a half years, Rachel has been interviewing very successful, CEO’s, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Ministers, Sportspeople and other successful people on how intuition has played a role in their success. Her book “Intuitive Intelligence – The success of Intuitive Thinkers” is due for release in early 2019.

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