What we get out of Digital Workplace Conference

By Delia Cato.

At Foodstuffs, we have embraced O365 and the Digital Workplace. Our team is passionate about empowering our people to challenge the way the work, and the benefits realised by people across Foodstuffs using our tools, means the team is in hot demand.

We have an annual team outing to the Digital Workplace conference. There are two reasons why this has helped get us where we are (and keep us there).

First, it’s a way to hear what works in an ever changing environment. We get to see how other people use the new tools, which tools people have found useful and what to put on the back burner. We learn about adoption approaches and business engagement, validating (or redirecting!) the approaches we have taken. And the conference allows us to touch base with the vendors – we are largely internally resourced and aren’t currently in a partnership with any vendor, so understanding skills and experience across the different companies helps us know where to go should we need help to deliver a specific project.

Secondly, it is time for us to take time-out as a team. The conference ties in with our annual planning cycle, so for us it is a review of what worked, what didn’t, and what the next year holds. Having the whole team there is important so there is content across all levels and we can debate pros and cons after the sessions. And it gives our newbies the opportunity to see how the Digital Workplace works outside Foodstuffs.


Join us!

Full 2-day Conference including morning/afternoon tea and full buffet lunches $1150.00 +GST.

DAY ONE Pass: $600.00 +GST

DAY TWO Pass: $550.00 +GST

Group Discount: Register 3 or more people and receive a discount of 20%. (This is calculated during the registration process).